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I want to personally congratulate you for starting our 7 day devotional Bible study. We created the Bible study to answer common questions that believers are asking. Questions like: “What am I supposed to do, now that I have given my life to Christ?”, “My life as a believer has become hum-drum; how do I change that?” and “Isn’t there more to my faith than just attending Church?"

We’ll if you have asked yourself questions like these, this devotional Bible study will surely help rekindle the deep appreciation that you once had for your salvation, as well as equip you to live an exciting, productive life for Him. I’ve based the devotional Bible study on our easy-to-read book titled, “I’m Saved! Now What?” While we have written the Bible study to stand independently, we sincerely believe that reading the book along with the Bible study will accelerate and maximize your transformation. Thus, we have made the book available to you at a greatly reduced price.

Click here to order your copy of I'm Saved! Now What?

Click here to order your I'm Saved! Now What?e-book.